The whole family is in a tough spot this week on Gang Related. Ryan tried to thwart the capture of a massive shipment of Fishscale (cocaine) last week, but instead was getting pats on the back for a big bust. In response to the drug bust, and the uncertainty surrounding the family’s payment to the Metas, Daniel (one of Javier Acosta’s sons) was taken.

Last night’s episode was all about how the family was going to get Daniel back and keep the Metas off their family in the future.

The top leaders and soldiers of the family meet to discuss how to get Daniel back. They decide to trade one of the Meta’s men for Daniel. Ryan comes up with another plan after learning the drugs weren’t actually destroyed from his DA girlfriend.

The rest of the episode focuses on Ryan’s attempt to get the fishscale back.

What’s Awesome

The Drug Heist. Ryan and the Acosta gang’s mission to get the drugs was the main highlight of the episode. The entire chase was tense. From Ryan’s partner being a part of the team transporting the drugs to gang members shooting RPGs at the helicopters. You think Ryan’s going to be seen, but c’mon it’s network TV. No way that happens.

The chase wraps up as one of the gang members stays behind as Ryan runs away without being seen. It’s a solid action sequence that ultimately pays off.

Shaking My Head

Daniel Tries to Get Tough. Daniel’s in a tight spot with one particularly unsavory character bullying him around while he’s captured. From his pedicures to his college education, Daniel does not fit in with the gangs around Los Angeles. Daniel resents this fact and hates he can’t defend himself or pull the trigger after one of his captives gives him a gun.

In the end, Ryan comes through just as Daniel’s about to get executed. Daniel thanks Ryan for saving his life and Ryan shrugs it off saying he would do the same for him. Daniel responds saying he doesn’t think he would have.

The whole Daniel sequence feels tacked on. With the action of last week and now this week, the Acosta family is already falling apart. Now this? It feels like the showrunners are trying to get as much Acosta-based storylines in before a finale.

The Mole. I know it’s the major plot point of Gang Related, but no one at the Gang Task Force is suspecting Ryan at this point? He’s the GTF’s point person into the Latin gangs of Los Angeles. His partner dying under what any cop would call suspicious circumstances.

Gang Related is solid, but lets amp up the tension a bit with someone seriously suspecting Ryan. Maybe that is being saved for the season finale.

Should You Watch?

If you are a fan of the show, this is a great payoff episode. It builds on the action of last week’s episode. If you have not been following the show, jump onto Hulu or on-demand to catch up. This is not the type of show you pick up mid-season and know what is going on.

For a summer show, it’s nice to see the networks acting like the normal summer drought has become a secondary fall season. It’s great to see scripted television making a huge comeback.

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