Game. Set. Match. Yeah, I live in Alabama. Let the country jokes fly. But after we get done laughing at our shared Forrest Gump impersonations, take a listen to the best damn collaboration in years.

Chris Stapleton with Justin Timberlake. It was easy before the CMAs to look at that collaboration with a healthy dose of skepticism. A former boy band member and a rising country star bringing the soul back to country music? Hmmm, maybe.

Justin Timberlake’s response? He brought sexy back. A little Memphis soul back to country? With Chris Stapleton, he checked that box with ease.

Let us N’SYNC haters apologize to Justin Timberlake. And be thankful he left the group to strike out on his own. The man is off the charts when it comes to talent.


Can we get a tour of him and Chris Stapleton? You can’t do a one-off performance like that and just drop the mic. The crowd agreed, and so did social media.

Keith Urban, you feeling it brother?

I believe so.

Chris Stapleton

You’d have to be living under the proverbial rock not to have heard of Justin Timberlake. But Chris Stapleton? Outside of serious country fans, he hasn’t had that breakout moment. Until now of course.

The CMAs rewarded his year with three awards on the night, including best male vocalist. That would have been a stunning victory, but that performance? It’s easy to see why he won.

Want to hear him live? He will be up and down the west coast over the next week. Check out his tour dates and be sure to give him an add on Spotify:


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