KA-BAR Tactical Spork is Why You Have Dental Insurance

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

We all know the camping spork or the plastic thing we used during our days at school. Yeah, we all are getting older. Embrace the horror. KA-BAR, known for its knives, is taking a new spin on the spork.

It’s going tactical. Sure, we all know the jokes about tactical this and tactical that. They actually put a 2.5” serrated knife into the body of a food-safe, high-strength polymer. It’s all fine and good to have multi-use tools, but a serrated knife in your spork. You better be damn sure you had your morning coffee before you start in on breakfast.

Or, your dentist is buying a brand new Land Rover after those appointments are finished. It’s a cool concept, but damn be careful. Also, don’t forget it in your pocket when you’re rolling through a TSA line.

Jokes aside, the KA-BAR spork is safe. The spork doubles as a sheath for the serrated knife. The overall length hits 6.875” and tips the scales at .1lbs. If you’re looking for a solid MRE spork replacement, the $7 price tag is more than worth it.

And you never know when you need a knife for dinner. Not everyone is a master chef. Still, you can envision the news stories of someone slicing open their tongue by not paying attention. We can await the local news stories about the drunk camper managed to mangle his grill.

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