Katy Perry headlining the Super Bowl halftime show has been rumored for weeks, so there’s little surprise to the announcement. The mega-pop star is set to take the Pepsi halftime stage on February 1.

It’s an easy choice for the NFL. Katy Perry has literally camped on the top of Billboard since she burst on the scene back in 2008. Yeah, you have to love the feeling of getting old. Her latest record to go platinum was Prism from last year. It has spawned the number one hits Roar and Dark Horse. You can expect Dark Horse to be featured heavily in the show.

The halftime show has been skewing younger for the past four years. The old guard of fans may scoff at the selection, but your old school records have ran into the digital generation. You are already watching the game, so the NFL is targeting the casuals who are flipping channels.

After playing it safe with Super Bowl acts ranging from Tom Petty to the Rolling Stones, the halftime show has pulled a hard left into the younger generation. Last year it was Bruno Mars who brought the house down. This year at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona? It’s girl-power pop powerhouse, Katy Perry.

Some are making mention that the pick could be the NFL making amends for its botched handling of the Ray Rice domestics violence case. That sounds like a stretch to me considering Katy Perry’s sheer popularity. If it was one of the reasons, great. It’s more likely that she fills up stadiums, and is likely to pull in additional fans.

Currently, Katy Perry is touring for her latest album. If you’ve never heard of Spotify, or have ignored pop culture for the past 8 years, her hits include Fireworks, I Kissed a Girl and California Girls.

A side note? There is a possibility the Arizona Cardinals could make it to the Super Bowl and be playing at home the entirety of the playoffs. That would make the game even more exciting, but the hopes are dwindling with the loss of Carson Palmer.


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