Those who post the sad Keanu meme have reason to worry this morning. Keanu Reeves is treating John Wick and its sequel as a documentary.

Here the man is destroying a 3-Gun training session with Jessica Hook timing him. Chapter Two will be amazing.

That shotgun reload…

And this is why John Wick is popular, Hollywood. You get a star who trains for the role, and it shows onscreen. It helps that Keanu is a fan of shooting sports. The video gives that away.

Don’t believe it is Keanu in the video? Here is another featuring him timing Jessica Hook on the same course at Taran Tactical.

Keanu Reeves and 3-Gun Training

Dubbed 3-Gun or multi-gun, the sport has been heating up for the better part of a decade. The name gives it away, but the competition centers around three firearms – an AR-15, shotgun and a pistol.

Different divisions of the sport bump the rifle to 7.62 over the .223 in standard AR-15s. Handguns must be .45 or larger in the Heavy Metal circuit.

Keanu Reeves as John Wick

Watching Keanu’s video at Taran Tactical, he would fit into the Tactical division. The rifle is magnified in the video, a no-go in the Limited and Heavy Metal divisions.

Jessica Hook

Talk about living the dream. Keanu Reeves timing you at a 3-Gun course. Here’s the background on Jessica:

I discovered my passion for shooting while working as a Senior Texture Artist on Call of Duty. Exposure to positive gun culture and BAMF military advisers while working on this first-person shooter, inspired me to take my first pistol class and try “the real thing.” I was immediately hooked! And by hooked I mean obsessed. For the next 6 months, I took every combat carbine and pistol class available in my area and that still wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving to shoot dynamically under stress.

I needed MOAR.

As I was looking for bigger faster harder ways to throw lead downrange, I discovered competitive shooting. Competition was the perfect outlet for me to improve my shooting skills while having fun. Competition is like 180 degrees of windows for swingers, flimsy trick doors, bear traps, and penalties. Sounds like fun right? And by fun I mean investing -years- of your life to shave -seconds- off of time.

I started reloading my own 9mm ammo to help reduce the cost of bullets. But as they say, reloading doesn’t save you any money, you just start shooting twice as much. I’m convinced that the only thing more expensive than competition shooting, is a heroine addiction.

So, she was a principal lead for Call of Duty and now a competition shooter. Life is good. You can follow her on YouTube.

[divider]Shooting 3-Gun[/divider]

Want to get involved? Education is key. Please don’t go to a sportings goods store and buy one of each and grab a GoPro. What you don’t see in the 30-second video is the ridiculous amount of time Reeves and his team spent on safety and getting everything right.

Take a course and practice. And practice more. Then claim your YouTube glory.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has an excellent primer on the growing sport.

In the video, Reeves is running the speed course to up his timing for the film. Expect some slick reloads in John Wick Chapter 2 when it releases in 2017.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t show the best gun choreography in a film.

Don’t kill the man’s dog. Simple as that. Give me some Baba Yaga Chapter 2.

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