Ken Block Loves Life With His Ford RaptorTrax

ken block raptortrax

To think, Ken Block actually gets paid to live this life. His latest video is timely considering the snowpocalypse heading for the Northeast. It is a converted Ford Raptor truck with snow tracks. It looks just as cool as it sounds.

The videos are in partnership with his sponsor, Monster Energy. It isn’t just snow for the RaptorTrax. The conversion can handle gravel and mud too. Perfect for us southerners who repel in horror at the sight of snow flurries.

Of course, this being Ken Block means one thing. More power. A stock Ford Raptor will get you 411hp. With each track weighing 350 pounds, you need more.

The 6.2 liter V8 was fitted with a Whipple supercharger, boosting the horsepower to 650. Other modifications include a roll cage, snowboard racks and a BBQ. Why a BBQ? I say, why not?

Blasting through mounds of snow works up an appetite.

Check out the videos (both clock in at 7 minutes) of the RaptorTRAX below. Ford, if you need to take one through the mud, just let me know.

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