Remember a few years ago when Adam Sandler comedies could net tens of millions without trying? Well, audiences have moved on from Adam. They’ve found a new summer comedian to rally behind. Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart notched another box office win over the weekend with Think Like A Man Too. The film scored $30 million over the weekend. The movie was expected to bring in $35 million. But with production costs at $24 million, I’m sure the execs at Sony Pictures aren’t complaining. Think Like a Man Too’s opening was pretty much a carbon copy of the first film. That one brought in $33.6 million on its first weekend.

Kevin Hart is proving quite the money-maker for cheap comedies. His best opening weekend came earlier this year with Ride Along at $41.5 million. That movie cost just $25 million to make and went on to gross $153 million worldwide. His movies might not have the best reviews, but crowds love them and so do movie execs.

How did the rest of the box office weekend go? 22 Jump Street came in second place with $29 million. How to Train Your Dragon snagged $25 million. Jersey Boys had a disappointing opening at just $13.5 million and Maleficent rounded out the top 5 at $13 million.

Think Like a Man Too should enjoy its time at the #1 spot. Transformers: Age of Extinction is coming this Friday and should see another banner opening for the franchise. Expect a true popcorn film with tons of action and little plot.


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