Kickstarter Who? Reddit’s Redditmade Jumps Into Crowdfunding
reddit's redditmade crowdfunding site

Love Reddit and Kickstarter? The ‘front page of the Internet’ is diving headfirst into crowdfunding with the launch of RedditMade in beta. According to the post announcing the site, the idea is to give popular subreddits an avenue to create official merchandise.

AskScience recently started its own quarterly magazine, and now they are looking to use crowdfunding to accelerate its growth. While it’s designed for subreddits, anyone with a Reddit account can create a campaign.

Features mirror that of sites like Kickstarter. Each campaign has a time limit, and pledges only get charged if the campaign hits its stated goal. For now, the site is only able to pay out to US bank accounts. That will change as the site emerges from its open beta into a full launch.

Privacy controls are also a big feature on the site. Users pledging to Redditmade campaigns will not have to reveal personal details, except payment information and shipping details if it is a physical product.

Looking at the most recent campaigns, it looks like a rash of subreddit t-shirts will be appearing quickly. Everything from the r/Diablo snoo t-shirt to a Vitruvian snoo shirt are currently in the campaign stage.

It will be interesting to watch the site as it enters into a crowded field of crowdfunding sites. You could make the argument that Reddit drives a serious number of crowdfunding projects. How this affects Kickstarter and Indiegogo will be something to watch in the coming months

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