Living Walls and a Slide in Kiev Apartment

Kiev slide apartment by KI design
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Modern details in your apartment not enough? How about living walls in both the master bathroom and the kitchen? Still not grabbing you? Then it has to be the slide that brings you from the second floor to the living room in this Kiev apartment remodel by KI Design.

Not sure on spending loads of cash remodeling a place in Ukraine, but hey, rich people do what rich people do.

The work done on the top floors of the Kiev building is remarkable. The two floors are joined by a slide, which is sure to highlight your morning. After the inevitable wipeouts, you can take the stairs but live a little first.

Natural light is everywhere thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights. Enjoy the night thanks to a skylight perfectly positioned over the bed in the master bedroom. The resident can even enjoy some natural light in the office thanks to the dual skylights pulling in the outdoors.

I would be begging for storms living here. A nice thunderstorm lighting up the house or a heavy rain to sleep through.

All we can do is admire the work and add it to Pinterest dreams. You never see houses like this for sale. Then again, if I went through all the waiting on contractors to finish, there’s no way I’d sell.

Images are courtesy of KI Design.

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