The basic function of a watch is to tell time. Wait… Don’t tell the smartwatches. I’m not singling you out Apple, but yeah…

It should also start a conversation. Someone asks for the time, and you instantly have a conversation starter. No, you don’t have to opt for the bank account busting gaudy watch. Nah, go for something with some history behind it.

I covered the Klokers KLOK-01 a few weeks ago, and now the company is back with its second model, the KLOK-02. Thanks, Klokers. I have no idea which model I like more. Both scream unique design.

klokers watch ecosystem

The KLOK-02 is all about time zones. Business traveller? You’ll love having instant access to all the time zones. WhatsApp aficionado who lacks the ability to make sure you’re not waking your friend up at 3 am? Problem solved.

Or, maybe you’re like me and want to know the time in London. Sure, I could Google it, but where’s the fun in that anymore? A watch that handles it and has one of the more fascinating designs? Yeah, sign me up.

KLOK-2 Design

Depending on what catches your eye first, the 02 model from Klokers is designed to bring elements of history into the present. The top features an open design for the minutes and seconds to sweep by. The small windows? According to Klokers, it’s where the magic happens. The circular window features the hour of the day while the window to the right features one of 24 cities from 24 time zones around the world.

klok-02 time zone

klokers klok-02

How does it work? At your four o’clock, you’ll see a button on the watch face. Press it to change the time zone, and the watch synchronizes the correct time. Press and hold to display the date. No more figuring on what day it is after that 14-hour flight.

Klokers Watches

With two models comes the question of how do you fuse the product line? The watch bracelets. Ordering both the KLOK-01 and 02? You can swap out the watch faces to fit the look you are going for.

Dubbed the Kloker Key, it’s as simple as slide one off for the other. Sometimes a GIF is worth a thousand words. Here’s how it works:

klokers key

What about style? Here are the available bracelets for the watches:

klokers bracelet options

[divider]Klokers Kickstarter[/divider]

Delivery for the KLOK-02 is set for Q1 2016. Early bird pricing ranges from €499 to €690. Combo packs start at €878. Shipping is free, and you have your choice of bracelet/accessory colors.

The company is promising additional bracelets and accessories as the launch date rolls closer. Don’t be shocked to see an additional model as the Kickstarter still has 15 days left. The goal was for just over $56,000. Currently? Klokers has raced passed $600k from over 1,400 backers.

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