A quick glance at the Klokers KLOK-01 watch and you’re left puzzled by the design. Yet, you want to look again. And that’s when it clicks. The KLOK-01 takes the slide rule and puts it in a 44mm case.

Back before we had simple calculators, the Internet or Google, people used slide rules to work out complex equations. And we complain when Google is on the fritz. Back in the day, people not only walked to school through the snow, uphill both ways, no one had the technology crutch of today.

Now comes Klokers with not only a highly functional watch but an immediate conversation starter. How many people stop to ask you about the smart watch you’re wearing? Exactly.

There’s no emotion to smart wearables. It connects you, yet disconnects you from the personality of traditional watches. The KLOK-01 brings us back to a traditional watch with an immediate emotional twist.

Three concentric circles are used for the graphical representation of a traditional slide rule. The current time displays along a vertical red line, with each circle corresponding to the hour, minute and seconds.

It’s constant motion. A magnifying glass is integrated into the case improving legibility. Klokers doesn’t leave you stuck in time. The bands and watch faces are interchangeable. Just snap off the current band and put on a new color or material to suit your look.

A nice dual-purpose touch lies with the bands. They can be worn as wristbands if it suits you. The watch? If you need the old time feel of a pocket watch, it can be connected with a chain.

How much? $389 is the retail price for the KLOK-01, but it’s September Kickstarter launch will have 200 numbered editions for $199. Register on the company’s site for updates on when the Kickstarter campaign launches.


I’m a history nut and having a ‘slide rule’ on your wrist is sure to generate conversations no matter where you are. Take a look at a few more images and let me know what you think in the comments.

klokers KLOK-01 watch

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