Getting tired of digital everything? Kodak hears our cries and is set to introduce its Super 8 Camera. Notice the distinct lack of ‘digital’ in the name. It shoots on actual film. Have fun with your kids recalling the old days when we had to walk to school in the driving snow, up a hill, both ways.

Kodak is all about making a splash. And it’s damn good to see the company making a comeback. The Super 8 camera, available Fall 2016, is about evoking the feel of the 1965 version.

Film cartridges are available and can handle 15-minutes of filming. When you buy the film, it covers the processing costs too. Fill it up, ship it off and get a digital scan and the developed film in return.

Kodak Super 8 Camera

The design is killer. It has the retro feel while packing the latest technology. For the film gauge, it the Super 8 (Extended Max-8 Gate). Film cartridges come in at 50ft and offer variable speeds of 9, 12, 18, 24 and 25 FPS.

Lens? The Kodak will sport a c-mount 6MM Ricoh. An optional 6-48MM zoom will be available at launch. Used to the world of autofocus? Unlearn those habits. The Kodak Super 8 will have a manual focus and iris.

Don’t worry, it isn’t all heading back to the 60s. The viewfinder is a 3.5” display and a built-in light meter to support the speeds Kodak films.

The battery is integrated into the unit and charged via a USB wall adapter. Sound is captured via an integrated microphone. It looks detachable, so if you need higher quality sound, expect the accessories to come running.

Kodak Super 8 color options

Styling is pure class. Machined to the highest standards, you have a choice between midnight black and bone china. I typically opt for black, but damn the bone china is nice.

The Kodak announcement is purely for CES buzz, and the release date is set for Fall 2016. Its pricing will be announced as the release date edges closer. You have me Kodak. I’m a sucker for anything camera-related and the fact it’s Super 8?

Consider me sold.

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