I’ll admit to the dream. Off the beaten path. Complete solace. Just one issue. I really like electricity. First world problem, right? I want my wilderness while I watch TV.

How do you get power to your destination without rigging up an RV, hauling a gas-powered generator or doing the inverter in your car trick? The sun is always there. May as well use it.

A fully funded Indiegogo campaign from Inergy has given us the portable Kodiak Solar Generator. Modular and lightweight. How light? Inergy put the Kodiak on a diet and shaved 75% off the weight of its nearest competitor.

What about hauling it around? It’s compact enough to pack into your car for those camping trips. Power outage at your house? Pull it off the bookshelf and problem solved without the worry of did you get gas for the generator.

Or suddenly realizing you want a generator along with the 800 other people at Home Depot.

Kodiak Solar Keeps Boredom at Bay

What is the solar generator? It’s your battery. Rated at 1100W continuous, it has outlets for every conceivable use. Can’t miss the big game? You can power a 50” LED TV for 16 hours without recharging. A laptop can be recharged over 20 times. Smartphones? We can’t live without them and the Kodiak will recharge one over 100 times.

Here’s every outlet on the bookshelf generator.

kodiak solar generator outlet bank

Anyone else looking at that those plugs and seeing an outdoor photographer’s paradise? We have a DJI Phantom 3 Pro that is decidedly not car charger friendly. Those batteries might be smart, but you still need an outlet. And six are staring at me.

Not only that, the Kodiak generator can be recharged via a car charger. I think I’m in love. Yeah, you can do the rigging on an inverter in your car, but I’d rather have something multiuse.

[divider]Need More Power?[/divider]

The system is completely modular. Add deep cycle batteries to the external battery port on the side of the Kodiak. Each will discharge at the same rate making it a fully-integrated system. Not bad, you add what you need when you need it.

Predator Solar Panels

While the Kodiak can be charged at home or in the car, solar is what you want. Extended power outages, off the grid living, camping, etc. You will need something light and rugged.

Meet the Predator 50. Lightweight at 4 pounds with 32”x22” footprint. It’ll handle the average wear and tear. Waterproof so you can set it up at the campsite without worry. Shatterproof for those times we accidentally drop something we shouldn’t. Each panel is semi-flexible if your idea of portability is treating the panels like you for a moving company.

Each panel is rated at 50 watts, which can charge the Kodiak in about 22 hours. Add another for 100 watts and halving the charge time to 11 hours in optimal conditions.

In total, five panels can be stacked together. You don’t need to have your solar energy engineer degree to do it either. The Predator 50 panels have integrated wiring and rails. Slide the additional panels on and you’re good to go.

Kodiak Indiegogo

Well, it was barely live, and the $50,000 funding goal is done. It is sitting at $65,000 with 30 days left. With these types of systems, the average ship dates can make people uneasy. Kodiak’s? February 2016. Accounting for the month long holiday everyone thinks Christmas is, you’re looking at two months max.

The pre-Christmas deliveries are sold out, but solid reward tiers remain. A Bronze Kodiak System is $1,260 and comes with the Kodiak and one Predator 50. Need a bit more sun in your life? A Kodiak package with three Predator 50s is $1,517.

Tired of it all and need to get away? The loaded out Kodiak package with the five Predator panels is $1,767. It will retail for $2599 when it hits the market next year.

Head over to Kodiak’s campaign page to learn more about the system.

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