Danny Venlet can take a bow. One of the biggest trends in home remodeling has been paneling walls or ceilings. Someone finally got the memo that popcorn ceilings are a form of torture.

Those who want clean lines throughout their house are faced with lighting issues. Recessed? Track? The list is nearly endless and maddening. Trust me; I feel your pain. We are preparing for a complete home remodel. It’s equal parts educational and pure insanity.

bedroom hyde integrated lighting

And in comes KOVR, a Belgian design company with a possible answer. Hyde integrated lighting. Shown in three styles – raw concrete, white marble and yellow pine – the entire process is completely up to the customer. Choose the panel size, lighting scheme and decor to fit your house. We have an absurdly long hallway that would look badass with the LED lights embedded.

Hyde lighting panels

hyde lighting hallway

office hyde integrated lighting

Each panel is 12mm thick with the option to embed the LED light strips. Mounting is a breeze with the modular approach and tongue and groove construction. Control? Come on; you didn’t think we were getting away without an app, did you? Wirelessly control the brightness with either the app or through your web browser.

Pricing is what you expect with home building materials. It depends on what you want. Talk with KOVR on what you’re trying to achieve in your home or office with Hyde Lighting. Applications are only limited by your imagination.

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