The programming tide continues to wash in for SyFy. They are developing another show that deals with science fiction. I know, let’s all take a moment to enjoy the switch. Krypton is the latest in the string of prequel origin stories on TV. Marvel may have the theaters on lock, but DC is shotgunning the small screen.

Don’t worry Sharknado fans, you’ll still get your fix. So, what’s it about? It’s a Superman show without Superman. Just like Gotham. We get Batman before Batman. To say the DC universe is using these medium as a cash cow would be an understatement.

The premise of the show will follow Superman’s grandfather. The House of El is working to bring equality to the planet of Krypton. Depending on your tastes, the show is backed by a heavyweight. David S. Goyer, the writer behind Man of Steel and the Nolan Batman trilogy, has signed on to the series.

That’s either the best news I’ve heard, or I’m terrified. Either way, it’s science fiction on SyFy, so it gets an automatic initial passing grade. Goyer is also behind fan favorites Da Vinci’s Demons and Constantine. I think what has fans a bit irritated is TV’s reliance on extreme prequels to origin stories.

I get that DC and Marvel both want to save the superheroes for the big screen, but look at the success of Flash and Arrow. Both are hits and involve their titular character. Why can’t we get more shows along those lines?

And SyFy? Do a fan a favor. Bring back Stargate. Do we need to Kickstart it? Send you untold tons of mail? Just get Atlantis or SG-1 back.

A release date for Krypton is not known, but SyFy is known to turn these shows around quicker than other networks. Here’s hoping for a good story with stunning visuals.


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