Modern Warfare 2 broadside shotgun

Finally, A KV Broadside Nerf Is Coming With Modern Warfare 2’s Season 2 Reloaded (UPDATE)

3/15 Update:

The KV Broadside nerf is here. Here’s what the devs did:

  • Reduced lower torso damage
  • 12 Gauge Ammo
    • Reduced damage ranges
    • Reduced close range damage
  • Dragon’s Breath Ammo
    • Reduced damage ranges
    • Reduced close range damage
    • Global reduction to 12 gauge Dragon’s Breath maximum residual damage

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For some reason, Call of Duty devs like to push completely unbalanced weapon metas (the most popular guns) in the game and then leave them there for way too long. When Season 2 Reloaded launches on March 15, it’ll include some long-awaited weapon balance changes, with the devs explicitly singling out the KV Broadside and Dragon Breath rounds (incendiary rounds) in a recent tweet.

No way the devs have been playing their own game lately (especially Warzone or Shipment 24/7) and thought that shotgun didn’t need immediate tweaks to its damage. A blog post, including full patch notes will be published on March 15. So far, we know the gun will, at the very least, see a damage reduction. 

It was interesting to see how quickly the devs addressed one-shot snipers last month but have left the KV Broadside seemingly untouched since it was introduced with the launch of Season 2. 

I expect significant changes to get most folks to move on from it. Big tweaks to damage, especially damage range, would be enough to get people back to using SMGs for their up-close weapon of choice. 

Besides the KV Broadside, we can expect changes to more weapons as the devs continuously balance the game’s weapon meta. 

Season 2 Reloaded is also bringing another 6v6 map called Himmelmatt Expo. A new weapon is also coming with the Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle. Cross your fingers this thing doesn’t turn into a DMR 14 from the first Warzone. All squad sizes are also coming to the Resurgence mode in Warzone 2.

We’ll also see a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover with Season 2 Reloaded on March 21 with a Shredder skin.

I wonder how long the devs will go before they increase players’ health as they did in the first Warzone. It would give them some more wiggle room to tweak weapons around it. 

Plus, it would give players a fighting chance if they get shot first. Most gunfights are decided by who sees who first. Sure, you can react sometimes and take out someone who had the drop on you – but most fights are decided by whoever lands the first shot. 

The biggest immediate issue is getting a handle on that KV Broadside shotgun. Nerf that thing into the ground. 

Keep an eye out for Season 2 Reloaded’s patch notes on March 15.