Dawn LaPointe felt a breeze on her back and saw ice pulling away from the shore of Lake Superior. She knew she was about to see something extraordinary.

LaPointe wrote on her Facebook page, “I anticipated there would be some ice stacking as the massive sheet of ice met the shorelines, so I headed to Brighton Beach. The big lake did not disappoint!”

Incredible! It looks like a lake from another world.

The chunks of ice were between ¼” thick and 3” thick.

Here’s another ice stacking video filmed by the same person in 2014.

It’s crazy how fast the ice is moving.

Want to see more incredible images of nature. Check out Radiant Spirit Gallery run by Dawn and her husband. I didn’t think anything could get cooler than ice stacking, but they take some incredible pictures. This one is my favorite.

The incredible power of ice

ice heave

The ice stacking video above is a sight to behold. But, ice can pack a punch too. There’s another phenomenon called an ‘ice heave’ that shows just how powerful ice can be. Back in 2013, an ice heave destroyed a dozen homes in Minnesota.

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