Trust the Dutch. The Dutch-based Lamzac has the coolest inflatable bed you’ll see today. It’s not the idea of an ultra-portable bed that’s novel.

No, it’s how you inflate it. Here’s the Lamzac Hangout being demonstrated.

Now that’s cool. No ridiculous pumps. The jet engine thing that comes with the box-store brand of inflatable beds? Get out. A Lamzac Hangout takes us back to nature. Before you revert to laziness, you have to work the arms a bit.

Lamzac hangout colors

Rest up after a long hike. Nap after work. Or enjoy your favorite music festival in complete comfort.

It deflates back down to a small pack making it ideal for light camping trips, festivals or guests filling up your home. Each Lamzac is made from ripstop nylon that can hold up for regular use.

Lamzac Hangout outdoors

Color choices include black, grass green, olive green, aqua, purple, fuschia and red.

Price is around $70 (€64.95), but the company is out of stock until May.

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