With Mercedes-Benz refreshing the G-Class statement SUV, you might be excited to learn the Land Rover Defender is back. Sort of. Defender fans in the United States will be left out in the cold with the Land Rover Classic model only available in the UK, Middle East, North Africa and the rest of Europe through personal import.

Come on Land Rover. You have the SUV to compete against the G-Class in what are obvious high margin models. Bring it stateside.

Land Rover is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the new Defender model. It will be fitting 5.0L, 405-hp V8s to 150 re-engineered D90s and D110s. The hefty power increase will result in a 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 106 mph. Safaris just became even more intriguing with a beast like that.

Land Rover Defender Works

Land Rover Defender Classic

Both models will feature an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. Color selection is limited to eight with two being satin finishes. Each Land Rover Classic will have a Santorini Black roof, wheel arches, and grille. Machined aluminum accents will include door handles, hood lettering, and fuel cap.

The price for the limited run is about $206,000. Current Defender owners will have access to Land Rover V8 Works-inspired upgrades. Everything from high-performance suspensions, power upgrades and braking kits will be available.

Land Rover Defender interior

With the 2019 Mercedes G-Class, Land Rover is looking at all the evidence it needs that a mainline Defender model has room in the upscale SUV market. Sound off below on what you think of the anniversary Land Rover Classic.

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