Say what you will about Bond movies, the cars are always great. I’m partial to the American muscle shown in the first John Wick, but who can deny the Land Rover Defender featured in Spectre?

In case you missed the movie, don’t feel bad. I fell asleep during it. After a bit, the Bond series feels dull. Something needs to change, but I’m at a loss as to what.

A redeeming part of the film were the car chases through Rome and the Alps. Unfortunately for car enthusiasts, each was a one-off production. Until now…

Bond Villain Land Rover Defender

Tweaked Automotive, a London-based garage, is giving the ridiculously mean looking Defender new life. With a twist. The Land Rover Defender keeps the blacked-out badass look but gains a few extras. Can’t live out our dream as a Bond Villain without a few extras, right?

Spectre conversion Land Rover Defender James Bond

The company will convert your choice of a Defender 110 or 90 if you don’t own a Land Rover. Already have a Defender? Tweaked is happy to convert your SUV into a head turner.

Spectre Land Rover Defender Conversion

All black. That’s what you’ll notice first from Tweaked Automotive’s vision. The all-black paint scheme is everywhere. Other features include custom wide fenders, roof rack and 16-inch bead lock wheels. It’s a Defender, don’t throw 22-inch wheels on it. Toss in the brush guard, winch, head and tail light guard and the light bar and it’s set. Taking your kids to school will never be the same.

Tweaked Automotive James Bond Spectre Land Rover Defender

Tweaked offers Land Rovers for sale through for conversion for those that want to skip the dealership. And for those not in in the UK, the conversion package “provide full export, shipping and importation services, right to your very doorstep.”

Bond villain SUV? Check. Badass Land Rover? Oh yeah. No dealing with customs? Hell, that’s priceless.

Pricing is on spec. Each conversion is custom, so head over to Tweaked Automotive for more details.

Image Credits: Tweaked Automotive

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