One look and I want to get lost in the woods with the conversion from Cool & Vintage. A completely restored Land Rover Series 3 to Defender Tdi specs. Oh, and a custom camping trailer.

You didn’t think they were going to have you sleeping in the backseat, did you?

One part that is killing me is it’s not available to export to the United States. Come on customs, we let all sorts of random crap into the country. Why not a badass Land Rover conversion.

I’m almost positive Trump’s big beautiful wall would allow it through the door. It’s beautiful too, and we all know when Trump finds an adjective it’s game on. Hell, I’ll even pay the entrance fee…

Land Rover Series 3

Remarkably, the price isn’t so far gone you need to build a shrine next to a Powerball machine. No, it comes in at $46,000. It’s a Series 3. Those are meant to have the crap kicked out of them so it can shake it off and asks what’s next?

Replacing the stock engine, Cool & Vintage went with the Defender Tdi 2500cc diesel engine. Transmission is a five speed, and it would be weird if an off road restoration weren’t 4wd.

Blast through mud, snow, water or your morning commute with BF Goodrich Mud Mk2 tires. Would be a bit extreme to make a beer run in this, but you’ll look damn cool doing it.

[divider]Camping Trailer[/divider]

Attached to the Series 3 conversion is a full camping trailer. Toss your gear in the back and go. Cool & Vintage added a tent and a complete camping cooking set. The tent pops up on the trailer, keeping you high and dry.

Raining? No problem. Convincing people to camp in snake filled woods? Hell, I need convincing and keeping me off the ground is a great start.

The cooking set includes a propane burner. Think Coleman gas bottles and you’re on the right track. All of it can be replaced with your favorite gear, but Cool & Vintage wanted to pull off an all-in-one package. It is about as close as you’ll get for a price that isn’t insane.

A restored Land Rover for $46,000? Let me dream…

And someone talk to U.S. Customs about not allowing the importation. What the hell fellas? Go to your local DMV. See the parking lot? Now look at the pictures. Which looks more roadworthy?

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