Last Spartan Standing Halo Infinite mode

Last Spartan Standing Coming To All Big Team Battle Maps After Interference Event

Halo Infinite’s Season 2 went live yesterday, and if you’ve played a few matches of Last Spartan Standing, you probably noticed it’s only available on the brand new Big Team Battle Map, Breaker. What about the other three Big Team Battle Maps? Last Spartan Standing will be playable on all Big Team Battle Maps on May 16. That’s when the Interference narrative event wraps up.

Season 2 will have two narrative events, and during them, Last Spartan Standing will only be playable on Breaker, according to 343 Industries. 

Interference runs May 3 – 15.

Alpha Pack runs July 19 – August 1. 

343 confirmed Last Spartan Standing will have a dedicated playlist featuring every Big Team Battle map when these events are not live. 

I played a few matches of Last Spartan Standing last night, and I liked it. It could use some work, but there’s a good base here. I would like to see the Danger Zone start up a bit sooner. In the matches I played, it didn’t influence it all that much except hearing that the Danger Zone was starting. Right now, it’s set to close after five minutes or when players are out of respawns. Maybe shorten it to four minutes and see if that makes a difference. Or start it up when players have two lives left—something to get it moving. 

I also liked leveling up the weapon loadouts when I want. I’m not the biggest fan of the Mangler so being able to stick with the Sidekick pistol for another kill is handy. It also helps with the initial cluster of an opening fight. Instead of switching weapons automatically, you can rack up a couple of kills and then level it up. 

343 could also change it up by including special events where the mode includes only campaign variant power weapons. 

They snuck in an update yesterday where these special weapons are in the locked rooms on the Big Team Battle map, Fragmentation. It would be cool to see them make their way to Last Spartan Standing. 

Halo Infinite’s Season 2 kicked off yesterday. It’ll last another six months, but we can expect some big features to make their way to the game in late summer. Campaign co-op (online) is expected to go live in Late August, and 343 is planning a Forge open beta for September.

Image: 343 Industries