Warner Bros and the DCEU are finding its footing after the Batman v Superman stumble. The highlight of the film was Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. And Tina Guo’s work on the electric cello. It’s not an electric guitar folks.

While Suicide Squad didn’t enjoy critical acclaim, our take was it was a solid entry in the DC cinematic universe. Now all eyes turn to the Wonder Woman standalone. And that means the marketing machine is ramping up.

I was almost disappointed we wouldn’t get the now iconic cello riff, but Tina Guo is there at the end to get everyone crazy hyped. Judging by the comments, people love the new trailer. Count me as a passenger on the hype train.

The standalone gives Wonder Woman her own space and looks to do something Marvel didn’t do well. An origin story with a historical twist. Captain America: The First Avenger fell a bit flat in the World War Two setting. Then the Russo brothers took over, and the Winter Soldier and Civil War are arguably the best Marvel movies to date.

wonder woman world war one setting

Wonder Woman gives us the origin story but in a World World One setting – the war to end all wars. Judging by the trailer, Wonder Woman is better suited for this type of action. World War One was visceral due to a convergence of old strategies and new technology.

Lining up and charging works when the opposing side has bolt action rifles. Machine guns and relentless artillery? Doesn’t make for a great outcome unless you’re a superhero with a lasso, sword, shield and general badassery.

Those who criticized Gal Gadot’s casting have to be feeling rather dumb. She was great in BvS and her standalone promises to be a major tentpole in 2017. Speaking of 2017, the release schedule is insane out of the gate. Multiple blockbusters. If you felt a bit let down so far in 2016, be prepared to blitz the theaters next year.

Wonder Woman lands in theaters on June 2, 2017. Two days before my birthday? I’ll take it.

And for those loving the electric cello riff, check out Tina Guo on Facebook and her website.

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