Tired of going to your local marijuana dispensary? Always wished you were a master grower, but only have the ability to kill every house plant you ever owned? Yeah, there’s an app with a growing system for that.

Meet Leaf, the first ‘Plug N’ Plant’ cannabis growing system. According to the company, it allows you to grow high-quality medical marijuana in your home in a fun and interactive way.

I love the marketing language on the site. Don’t say marijuana. It’s actually backed by polling. If you ask the American public if medical cannabis should be legal, the numbers outpace those for medical marijuana.

Regardless of the phrasing, legalizing medical marijuana is sweeping the country. Even conservative states in the South are becoming receptive to cannabis oils, taking the first steps to outright legalization.

President Obama’s administration has taken a lax approach to enforcing federal drug laws concerning marijuana, allowing states like Colorado and Washington to legalize recreational use.

With the medical marijuana laws popping up across the United States, the provisions allow for medical patients to grow their own.

That’s where Leaf wants to fill a void. Bridging the gap between people that want to grow their own medical marijuana, but lack the know-how on growing the differing strains.

The Leaf Cannabis Grow System is essentially a grow box for your house. Combined with an app, it takes the guesswork out of growing the variety of strains. With room for two plants, the system comes complete with a nutrient dosing system.

It keeps track of the growth cycle, feeding your plants at the optimum time. The LED grow light is specifically designed for growing cannabis.

On the app, you have access to a variety of real-time metrics. The pH is measured continuously, along with PPM, water temp, air temp, humidity, plant height, water level and PAR.

For those that want to look in on their plants, there’s even a built-in HD camera for you to check on your plants without opening the door. Ok, that’s being a bit lazy, but still a cool feature.

How much for a Leaf? It’ll set you back $1500 for one unit, and the company requires a $100 deposit to reserve one. Shipping is expected in the summer of 2016.

Definitely an interesting product and one that tackles a void in the market. Yes, there are plenty of grow boxes, but this is the first that lowers the barrier of entry for medical marijuana patients who lack the background in growing the plant.

What do you think? Is $1500 too steep? I’m wondering about the shipping date. Summer 2016 is vague, but the deposit system has me thinking it will not become vaporware.


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