Update: Riot has tested the fix against most of the champions. They will finish testing the remaining and will provide another update later this afternoon.

Last night, Riot Games disabled Ranked play as they addressed a pretty nasty bug “that’s negatively impacting games.”

It centered around the Recall spell. For those not familiar with League of Legends, the Recall spell allows a player to teleport back to their base after a short timer. This bug got rid of the timer and players could teleport back to base immediately.

Needless to say, that’s a pretty major bug and has massive impacts on gameplay.

Riot Games touched on the issue and its severity in a statement.

“Unfortunately, this particular issue can’t be mitigated by disabling a specific champion or item so we’ve temporarily disabled Ranked while we develop a solution.”

The developer have completed testing of a fix on a certain number of champions. Now, they will go through and make sure no issues pop up on the rest of the champions. The last thing they want to do is fix one bug only for another to pop up.

“We will have another update by 11:00 PDT. Thank you for your patience,” Riot says in a post.

I’ll update this post as Riot offers additional updates.


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