A former Microsoft employee who leaked the code for the ARM devices version of Windows 8 has pleaded guilty to stealing company secrets. The employee, Alex Kibkalo, will serve three months in jail and pay a $100 fine as part of the plea agreement.

So, why is this news. Plenty of people leak information and suffer the consequences.

It was the way he got caught that raised some eyebrows. Kibkalo leaked the info to a French blogger who just happened to be using Microsoft’s email service. What you probably don’t know is that companies are legally allowed to examine data on their own servers. Microsoft took a peek at the blogger’s account and figured out Kibkalo was the man behind the leak.

Criticism came in swiftly following news that Microsoft looked into the blogger’s email, no matter the legality. This criticism has led Microsoft to implement a new policy that includes an external third-party overseeing any data retrieval.

Microsoft has also promised it would look towards law enforcement more to handle these types of cases.

The small fine and light sentence has led to another win for privacy for others and their data.


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