The new Call of Duty trailer is here. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s first trailer was leaked last night by Destructoid. A few hours later, Activision uploaded it to its Youtube channel.

Here’s what you need to know.

As mentioned above, the next Call of Duty game is titled Advanced Warfare. What a terrible name. Their codename, Blacksmith, sounded a lot cooler. Anyways, that’s about the only bad thing I have to say about last night’s trailer.

Kevin Spacey is playing a major role in COD: Advanced Warfare. If you’ve seen House of Cards, you’ll love Spacey in the trailer above.

The nearly 3 minute trailer is footage captured from the Xbox One version of the game. I told myself I wouldn’t get hyped for another Call of Duty game, but that trailer is awesome. Graphics have never been Call of Duty’s strong suit, but Sledgehammer Games is delivering based off the first trailer.

Movement will play a major role in Advanced Warfare. You’ll play as a soldier augmented by an exoskeleton. Think Crysis. Huge leaps and wall climbing were featured in the trailer above. With the success of Titanfall, I’m glad to see Call of Duty going that route. Activision desperately needs to change-up the Call of Duty formula.

Mark your calendar. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will drop on November 4. With the trailer using Xbox One footage and an Xbox One logo featured at the end, it looks like Microsoft is working with Activision once again with marketing. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about another round of timed-exclusive DLC at E3.

Look for a lot more Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare next month.


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