16 DOTA 2 teams are battling for a staggering $18 million. First place will win $6.4 million. Even the 16th placed team gets $54,054. That’s a damn nice payday for playing video games.

The annual DOTA 2 tournament, The International, is entering the elimination rounds today. The tournament began last week, but the stakes are ramping up big time as CDEC Gaming faces off against Cloud 9 in a best of three match.

Millions of people play DOTA 2, but what about the many, like me, who never have. Valve has us covered with a ‘Newcomer Stream.’ A pair of casters explains the ins and outs of DOTA 2 during each match.

– The strengths and weaknesses of each character.

– Why certain hero abilities are being used.

– What items are being bought and why.

– Plus, the overall strategy being employed by each team.

It’s a great stream for those of you who have never played DOTA 2 or are new to the game.

Watch live video from dota2ti_newcomer on www.twitch.tv

Twitch isn’t the only place to catch all The International action. Join thousands more watching on YouTube.

ESPN is also carrying every single day of DOTA 2’s The International through WatchESPN.

Do you like your DOTA 2 with a cold one? Join a Pubstomp to catch all the matches with diehard DOTA fans. Check out this page to see if a bar near you will be streaming The International.

How about some DOTA 2 action on a massive theater screen? You can catch The International Grand Finals on August 8th at 400 theaters across the United States.

And if you miss any of today’s action, you can catch the replays via this DOTA 2 page.

Monday’s schedule for The International

Monday's Schedule for The International 2015

LGD vs. Team Empire (best of 3, match over)

CDEC vs. Cloud9 (best of 3, ongoing match)

MVP Phoenix vs. Newbee (best of 1)

Vici Gaming vs. Nactus Vincere (best of 1)

Virtus Pro vs. Fnatic (best of 1)

Invictus Gaming vs. MVP Hot6 (best of 1)

Tuesday’s schedule will be:

Evil Geniuses vs. compLexity Gaming (best of 3)

Team Secret vs. EHOME (best of 3)

Two more matches will be played tomorrow based on the results from today’s match. You can keep track of the schedule here.

One of this year’s biggest E-Sports tournaments is now underway. Who are you rooting for?

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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