Game 3 of the NBA finals finally showed what happens when the Cavaliers squad shows up. But, the one play everyone is talking about happened late in the third quarter.

Lebron straight up being Lebron. The six-second sequence is a thing of beauty.

And another angle

One more?

That’s just sick. He grabs the loose ball while falling, shovel passes to Kyrie and then jumps up for that? Where was this intensity in Game 2?

Play of the playoffs? Definitely. But the story doesn’t stop there. No, it’s the image captured by Jesse Garrabrant. If they give out MVP awards for sports photographers, he just won it unanimously.

That doesn’t mean he can pull a Steph Curry and start disappearing for the rest of the series. We need him pulling off more amazing shots like this.

It’s also the product of damn good timing and one hell of a vantage point. It makes sense seeing as the guy is an NBA photographer. Want the best seats in the house? Stand by him.

What’s with the lighting? There wasn’t a power outage at Quicken Loans Arena. Basketball games are some of the hardest to shoot because they are lit for television and not still photography. What you are seeing is the camera color balance set to tungsten and one amazing photographer at work.

If you’re at your kid’s basketball game, try that setting over fluorescent. You’ll be able to see the difference coupled with a fast lens. Yeah, your smartphone camera isn’t capturing these types of photos. Not yet.

If the one image wasn’t enough, Jesse Garrabrant converted the image to B/W.

Lebron James dunk captured by Jesse Garrabrant

The dunk was magical, but that photo? Damn…

Image Credit: Jesse Garrabrant/Getty

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