I have to give a shout out to companies supporting United States Military personnel. Leesa is another disruptive mattress company looking to make its mark.

And save you from being that person holding a mattress on top of your car. Come on. Admit it. We’ve all done it or at least taken video of someone we passed on the highway attempting it.

What makes Leesa intriguing? Based in Virginia Beach, the company knows its home market. It offers a 10% military discount. My dad was stationed at NSGA Northwest, one of what seems like an endless supply of military bases in the Tidewater Region.

The mattress-in-a-box companies have always interested me in the fact it makes moving a breeze. Particularly for military families. As a kid, that was always a blast…

Packing up the house. Loading the moving truck. Flying across the country. Unloading and unpacking. Oh, and the inevitable ‘where the hell did the one box go?’

Now imagine if you could unload your mattresses to friends before a change of duty station and have boxes you just open at your new home. Hmm, try to work a mattress through horribly positioned doorframes, or dump a box in the room?

Yep, I’ll take the easy button.

Leesa Mattress

What do you get with a Leesa? Obviously a mattress. If you are curious, the mattress is designed at the VA Beach office, manufactured in PA and the cover woven in NC. Not to be left out, the packaging is even made in Indiana.

That takes ‘Made in the USA’ next level.

leesa mattress on a bed

The mattress itself is built with all the premium materials you’ve come to expect. Wrapping it is a single piece of lycra-polyester fabric for extra softness, and it’s cool to the touch.

A two-inch top layer constructed from Avena foam that allows air to circulate. The increased airflow keeps you cool at night while the foam gives you just enough bounce.

Leesa’s inner core is made up of two-inch memory foam. You know the drill. It contours to you and helps relieve pressure points.

And the bottom. Six inches of dense core support foam to increase durability and support people of all sizes.


It all depends on the bed sizes. Everything from twin to California king is offered. A twin will set you back $525. The queen? $890. Shipping is free.

Following the other companies in the niche, you get 100 days risk-free to sleep on the mattress. Leesa wants you to give at least 30 days before you return it. If you don’t like it, the returns are simple. The company arranges for a recycling partner to pick up the mattress free of charge.

While the space is getting crowded with different options, it’s nice to see a company offering a discount to military personnel. Plus, I miss the Virginia Beach area.

Protip for beach goers? If you want to miss the crowds, Fort Story all the way.

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