Lego’s hopes bringing our world and apps closer together will be the next big thing in kid toys. Lego Fusion aims to do just that. There will be four Lego sets available at first including Town Master, Battle Towers, Create & Race and Resort Designer.

Each of these games will come with a free iOS or Android App, a set of Lego bricks and a small plate with a printed design that can be read by smartphone cameras to tell what color and size bricks are being placed on it.

Kids will then build a 2D structure on the capture pate, scan it into the app and transform the 2D blocks into 3D inside the app.

Lego wants to get rid of “zombie gaze” that happens to kids who stare out mobile devices all day.

How does Lego Fusion work? Take Create & Race for example. Kids will build the car with the physical bricks then scan it into the app and race it. Cars can be built a variety of ways including those optimized for racing, demolition or stunts. Cars will also vary depending on what color and how big the lego bricks are.

The other sets follow a similar approach. Lego plans to release Town Master, Battle Towers and Create & Race in August. Resort Designer comes a little later in September. How much will the sets cost? They will retail for $34.99. So far, only the U.S has a set release date for the new toys.

These new lego sets will have social feature built-in. Kids can invite friends using the Lego ID program and compare their creations.

Toys are a huge industry that is worth more than $80 billion each year. Mobile apps are also incredibly popular with kids. Lego hopes by bringing the two together they can stay relevant and create another lucrative toy line.

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