Now it’s a party, and Leica is set to arrive fashionably late. The company is joining the ranks of Sony, Nikon, Canon, and Panasonic in releasing a new full-frame mirrorless camera. We don’t need leaks or rumors to know it will be expensive. It’s a Leica. 

We are getting the first images from Nokishita for the Leica SL2 which should get announced either this month or in October. Judging by the leaked images, there’s not much happening in the way of design changes on the exterior. 

Count on its construction rivaling a tank. The current SL is a monster that can take a beating. Drops? I feel more for the ground than the camera body.

Leica SL2 back view

Leica SL2 Features. Most of the changes are happening on the inside with upgraded internals over the SL. Rumors are pointing to a 47-megapixel sensor, nearly double the resolution of the 24MP sensor inside the SL. 

The camera is said to be codenamed ‘Vader’ in reference to its low light capability. That’s a rather ambitious codename.  

4K video with a special ‘CINE mode’ is expected, though no word on what exactly constitutes ‘special.’ The SL has Cine4K at 24p, so it’s unclear if that’s the rumored ‘special’ mode, or perhaps Leica has something more up its sleeve. 

Other features rumored are built-in WiFi and Bluetooth with compatibility with Leica’s FOTOS app.

Pricing and Release. It’s Leica so if you’re expecting a deal, look elsewhere. The current SL (Typ 601) retails for nearly $6000. It’s not a stretch to see the SL earn a discount, and the SL2 grab the same MSRP. 

While still unannounced, the rumors are it’s close, and the release should be before the holidays. If you have more than a little extra cash lying about and are a Leica fan, the new SL2 will make your Christmas wish list. Those of us not in the one percent can sit back and dream of the Leica red dot.

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