Bear Grylls will be disappointed. You can use a lemon to start a fire. Poor Bear. He just wants to crawl into a sheep’s carcass and take a nap. Or the dead zebra? Perfect for a snack.

I can’t imagine a scenario where you have a bag of lemons, copper cotter pins, zinc nails, steel wool and insulated wire but lack anything else to start a fire. So, we packed all that and forgot the lighter?

Now I know why my dad loves lemons. The man is preparing for the end times.

One problem. I know he doesn’t have any copper cotter pins lying around. He has a Home Depot trip in his future. Sorry mom.

The video is from NorthSurvival, a popular YouTube survival/bushcraft channel based in Sweden.

He’s not only a fan of lemons. Have an orange? Let him bake you a cake.

Need an egg cooked? A potato will work.

lemon fire starter

Ok, NorthSurvial loves the produce section. How about something a little more dangerous?

There we go. I knew his channel wouldn’t let me down.

The standard disclaimer of don’t run outside and try this at home applies. Explain that mistake to the ER doctors and see how your day ends.

Visit his channel for everything from a long-term survival shelter to his review on the Bear Grylls survival knife.

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