Here I thought Canadians were overly polite. The only thing that’s changed is one camera shop isn’t taking the ‘Shot on an iPhone’ lying down. No mercy. No apologies.

Lens & Shutter is out with a great campaign about the true nature of smartphone photography. Cliff notes? It ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Sure, toss the phone in a photographer’s hands and let them spend a day with Lightroom and poof, it’s magic. Magazine quality. Give the same phone to a random person and the results won’t be what smartphone makers like to champion.

Roy King, the owner of Lens & Shutter, admits the advances camera phones have made but made it clear to Adweek the camera in your pocket can’t replace the real thing.

“Smartphone cameras have improved by leaps and bounds, but they’re still far from perfect. For shooting in less-than-ideal conditions, or for capturing those once in a lifetime moments that you really don’t want to miss, there’s still no substitute for the real thing.”

Preach Brother Roy.

Each of the five ads focuses on problems that arise from an impromptu shoot with an iPhone. Your big ass thumb – unless you’re Donald Trump. He should be fine. Digital zoom pixelation, low light and motion blur.

Fighting words Roy. Jony Ive isn’t going to be pleased. Get ready for a new, revolutionary something where they take the cameras you stock in your shop to shoot the company’s ad spots.

Pick out your favorite ad below. And props to the people at Rethink, the agency behind the beautiful sarcasm.

lens and shutter iphone ads

lens and shutter shot on an iphone ads

lens and shutter shot on an iphone ad campaign

lens and shutter shot on an iphone

lens and shutter shot on an iphone

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