Fourteen seasons of American Idol. While Fox tries everything it can to give it a shot in the arm, the show is just stale. The audience is old. And, the ratings are sinking. Once a titan of TV, the show recently pulled in just 7 million viewers. The average age has jumped to AARP levels at 50, while in seasons’ past it was hitting the 30 year-old mark.

What does that mean for Idol? Well, in 2014-2015, you will be seeing less of it. Where it had been clocking in over 50 hours during its run, it will be reduced to around 37 hours. Maybe Fox can try out some original programming that it airs in order the episodes were made. Yes, I’m referring to the recently canceled Almost Human and the cult-classic – Firefly.

Fox entertainment chairman, Kevin Reilly, spoke to reporters about the upcoming change. “I think it will be a two-night format initially during the audition phase, and will quite likely end up as a two-hour show on one night for most of its run.”

It seems all the competition reality shows are getting trimmed back. Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance have been trimmed to one episode a week. Works for me. Bring on quality scripted shows.

As for the hosts, Ryan Seacrest will remain next year, with Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr still in negotiations. All three are expected to return.

With the cutback in hours and falling ratings, one has to wonder if we are seeing the end of the singing reality show. American Idol. Out.


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