The name fits. Lexus is showing off its visions of the future. And borrowing a line from online marketing, the UX is defined by each driver’s user experience. The idea is each line of Lexus cars or SUVs will have its own unique identity. The Lexus UX in this form will never see the light of day, but its features certainly will.

On the exterior, the Lexus UX drops all pretenses of a normal compact SUV/Crossover. The designers went nuts with the distinctive, sculptural look that would definitely turn heads. It’s also a love it or hate it design. I’ll take those wheels, though. Lexus is going for that baller look.

Lexus UX front Lexus UX side view

The Lexus UX also shrinks down the SUV, making it more styled as a coupe versus your traditional Costco machine. It’s designed as an off-roader, but who takes brand new luxury SUVs through the mud and rocky trails?

lexus ux wheels

Opening the doors you can see the Lexus design department went a bit over the cliff. Ignore the design because that’s not happening until we are all kicking around in the Minority Report timeline. It’s the features Lexus wants you to see.

For example, the UX’s Kinetic seat technology. Yes, the renders are absurd, but the fiber net construction should make its way into future vehicles. It won’t make your commute any faster, but the technology would afford complete comfort while stuck in traffic. We have to take wins where we can.

Lexus UX interior Full view of Lexus UX concept interior

Other features include electro-chromatic windows to battle the sun and the drivers who think headlights only work on high beams. Electronic mirrors with integrated cameras and a removable sound bar are featured in the concept.

The seat technology is the most intriguing. While the render isn’t the nicest to look at, it illustrates how it would work. Just keep the normal side mirrors. Rush hour would be a hell of a time for the mirrors to suddenly call it quits.

It’s a bold look from Lexus. The UX’s design is aggressive as hell. The exterior has some features I’d like to see in future compact SUVs, but the interior is obviously a proof-of-concept. Give me a fiber net seat that looks normal anytime you want Lexus. Who wouldn’t like the equivalent of an air ride seat in your car?

Image credits: Lexus

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