They didn’t mention Apple, but LG happily touting a USB-C port speaks volumes to the company that seems to have forgotten it also sell displays. Yeah, an updated Apple display would have been nice, but LG went ahead and beat you to the punch.

The LG 38UC99 has everything you want in an absurd display. 4K resolution at 3840 x 1600. It claims the mantle as the world’s largest curved ultra-wide. A refresh rate of 144Hz and built-in Google Cast capabilities along with Bluetooth speakers. I’m sure you can spring for a better audio setup than dual Bluetooth speakers considering the price.

When it launches in mid-September, expect to drop $1500 for the behemoth. And more for a new desk. Most of us have just enough room for the gigantic monitors we rock now. A 38-inch ultrawide? If you ever want to redecorate, it’s an expensive excuse.

More of a gamer? LG isn’t leaving you out in the cold. Slated for an October launch date, the 34UM79G drops the curved aesthetic of its larger sibling in favor a flat form factor, the same 144Hz refresh rate, and AMD’s FreeSync technology. Also, it doesn’t cost more than your computer. It’s not cheap, but the $699 price tag almost feels like a bargain compared to the $1500.

LG Ultrawide gaming monitor

Both monitors are slated for debut at the IFA tradeshow this weekend. Convincing yourself $1500 a great investment? Good luck with that. The old standby of look how much work I can get done on this screen real estate. Or, the more likely scenario is how badass Netflix looks on it. That one works for me.

Luke Cage on LG? Or finishing Stranger Things. I know, I’m the last person around that hasn’t made it past episode one. Not my fault The Last Kingdom is what Vikings should have been.

Keep an eye out for additional IFA announcements as they break.

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