Lifetime is capitalizing quickly on the decision by Netflix to revive Full House. Hey, who doesn’t need a little gossip to go with your nostalgia? Lifetime is known for adding enough drama to fill magazines for years.

The special, titled The Unauthorized Full House Story, is following the template of The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story that aired last year. The Full House special will follow the rise of the show and its cast.

Following the careers of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Dave Coulier, Bob Saget and John Stamos, Lifetime will chronicle the private lives of the stars. You know what that means? Anything salacious will make the final cut.

It’s being billed as a look at how the stars balanced off-screen issues with their shows ‘perfect’ characters.

full house lifetime special

A premiere date has not been set, but scripting duties belong to Ron McGee, the same writer from the Saved by the Bell special. You can count on this debuting in the lead up to Netflix’s revival of Full House.

Netflix and Fuller House

While it seems like we have to deal with remakes of everything these days, the company is playing it smart. It needs a family-friendly show in its top-tier original content catalog.

Fuller House offers both nostalgia for older fans, and the opportunity for Netflix to secure a seemingly exposed flank of lacking top-tier original family programming.

Getting the revived show off the ground hasn’t been without its issues. The Olsen twins recently claimed they had little knowledge about the new show. This led to a brief spat with producer and actor John Stamos.

Maybe Lifetime can add that bit in.

Filming on Fuller House is expected to begin soon. No firm release date, but Netflix should give us a hard date later this year.


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