Get your coffee and settle in for another great video from Peter McKinnon. Swear this guy keeps adding subs. I know I subbed when he was in the low six figures. Now he’s over 1.1 million. The man is just likable, and his vlogs are to the point and inspiring.

Yesterday he released his latest video on Lightroom Mobile. Everyone from your amateur photographer to pros and even the hardcore Instagramers need this app, What started as a ‘meh’ port from Adobe is now a downright necessity. A common question has been how do we port the presets we’ve made (or bought) in desktop Lightroom to our smartphone.

Let Peter take you down the rabbit hole:

Beyond handy to have and if you love Peter’s work, check out his 2017 pack of 15 presets. I know this post is about using presets on Lightroom mobile, but you still need your desktop or laptop to download the zip file and sync them over.

Adobe Lightroom mobile

Use Cases for mobile Lightroom Presets

The first is obvious. Lightroom offers a ton of control over your photos. I prefer working off an iPad, but any smartphone will do. You can apply the preset, adjust the various levels and boom, it’s social media ready.

A second use case is for professionals. Nearly every mirrorless or DSLR camera offers WiFi connectivity or its own app (in their own special way). If we are on the job, it’s nothing to edit up a shot or two and send to clients.

Finally, being first. Fstoppers has an excellent article from Michael Destefano on this same subject, but at the end, he mentions a picture he took at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio of Michael Phelps sticking his tongue out. It took him a minute to edit and post on social media. By the end of the race, he already had emails inquiring about more photos.

Never underestimate the power of being quick on the trigger.

Those who don’t have Lightroom, Adobe offers the photography pack including Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99 per month. They call it a special deal, but it’s always $9.99. It includes access to the Lightroom Mobile app.

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