In the early hours of Sunday morning, the UN climate conference in Lima, Peru came to a close. An agreement was reached, but it falls short in the eyes of developing nations.

What is the ‘Lima Call for Climate Action?’

Basically, representatives from more than 190 nations gathered over the past few weeks to say they will agree on a 2015 agreement on climate change. Can-kicking at its finest.

The nations did manage to achieve a $10 billion goal set for initial contributions to the Green Climate Fund. Additional funding should pour in after the UN climate summit in Paris next year. If a sweeping climate change plan can be agreed on.

As always, politicians enjoy waiting until the last-minute to try to get things done. The Green Climate Fund isn’t some new idea. It began in 2009, when wealthy countries promised to support developing nations combat extreme weather and transition into cleaner energy. $100 billion a year by 2020 was promised back in 2020. With 2015 fast approaching, $10 billion has been gathered.

These developing countries, from Pacific island nations to Africa, want a timeline for when these contributions will substantially increase. There has even been calls for certain targets to be met as 2020 approaches. Something wealthier nations have balked at.

Nick Mabey, CEO of the environmental think tank E3G, says these wealthier countries “should not kid themselves that they can get away without a plan to deliver the $100 billion a year they promised back in 2009.”

“It’s time to say how they’re going to pony up,” says Mabey.

The only thing countries agreed to in Lima was recognizing the $100 billion commitment. Oh, and they managed to cobble together $10 billion. It would be nice if wealthier nations cared about climate change as much as they do about saving big banks or Wall Street.

The can has been kicked to the 2015 Paris summit. Maybe by then we will hear some specifics about emission cuts. Oh, and could some more countries spare a billion or two for the Green Climate Fund?

You can read the ‘Lima Call for Climate Action’ here. Heavy on words, light on substance.

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