Smartphone photography at its core is sharing. No extra steps. Snap a picture, hit the filter carousel and share. In the dominant market of smartphone cameras, there’s been a lack of interchangeable lenses.

Have an iPhone? Get the iPhone pack. Samsung? You’ll need the Galaxy adapter. Tablet? Please don’t…

Smartphone Photography Becomes Social

Have a split family of Android and iPhone users? Maybe your friend wants to try out the lens you have snapped on? Don’t worry; there’s not an app for that.

There’s a company for that. Limelens is a specialty smartphone lens company that focuses on compatibility between devices. In each kit is three Limelens connectors. One for your phone and two for your persistent friends who want to ‘borrow’ a lens.

1000 Words in Two Lenses?

The adage is a picture speaks a thousand words. While true, a perfectly captured image goal is to speak to the individual in a few words. Evoke an emotion. It adds up to thousands of words that never have to be spoken but instantly understood.

It’s hard to swap a DSLR for a smartphone camera, but there’s no denying the technology is nearing parity and can you put a price on convenience? Limelens focuses on two core lenses.

Limelens iPhone

The Thinker

It serves as the company’s dual purpose lens – both macro and wide-angle. On the Macro side, smartphone photographers can achieve 10x on the macro side and a 0.67x wide-angle lens. The Thinker is the workhorse of the family.

The Captain

Those awkward group photos of people leaning in fake smiling? Gone thanks to a 190-degree fisheye lens. Look at the phone. It’s the captain now. Tailor-made for landscape shots, it’s on you to frame the perfect shot.

A tip? Don’t stop snapping photos. Our Nikon review? 1000+ photos. DJI’s Phantom 4? At least 500 photos. Me harassing my dogs? That’s limitless.

You never know what diamond in the rough you’ll find to jump in Lightroom with. Yes, Lightroom. If you order the Limelens pack, get the Adobe photography bundle. It will expand your horizons in a way a filter can’t.

Limelens case

Limelens Pricing

Normally $100, the Limelens pack is on sale for $50. Two lenses, a hard case, and three connectors. Want a taste of what Limelens can accomplish? Its Instagram page is a productivity killer.

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