Heartbeat that is. SMS is unveiling the latest in wearable tech in the form of headphones that monitor your heartbeat. It isn’t going to fix your horrible Spotify playlist, but it will be great at keeping an intensity track of your workout. You can take Fiddy for your next run. Welcome to the wearable shop.

The new design is using Intel technology it showed off at CES. SMS’s collaboration with 50 Cent use wired earbuds that have optical sensors for biometric readouts. They draw power from being plugged in, and come complete with an ear hook to keep them in place. Data is then sent to health smartphone apps.

If you sweat worse than Lebron with no AC, the headphones have an IPX4 liquid rating to keep sweat and water out. You don’t want to mess up the sensors as they track your interval training from the couch to the kitchen.

Wearable tech seems destined to be a fitness-first technology. Other devices, including wristbands and other headphones are fast incorporating heartbeat monitoring. Headphones is a relative newcomer, expanding the reach for fitness devices. If you don’t want to wear a wristband, the headphone option is a great compromise. For now, only LG and riverON have similar offerings.

As for price, nothing has been announced yet. A similar pair with the IPX4 rating sans heartbeat monitoring runs $79.95. It would be a stretch to see these crack the $100 ceiling when they make it to the consumer.

In the meantime, the world awaits what the major tech companies have in store for us with wearable tech with a fitness angle. Apple is set for major announcements next month that may include an iWatch. Could the Beats acquisition lead to health-sensing headphones? Time will tell, but Apple shareholders are expecting major announcements.


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