If you have bought packaged fresh fruit from Costco, Trader Joe’s, BJ’s and other retailers that carry Wawona Packing Company items you need to heed a new recall. There are fresh concerns that the fruit packaged between June 1 and July 12 could be contaminated with the life-threatening Listeria bacteria.

The recall is voluntary by the company and covers peaches, plums, pluots and nectarines. The company is unsure of how widespread the contaminated foods are, so a nationwide recall was issued.

In a recent news release, the company discussed the recall “Because we do not know the locations of the companies that purchased the products from our direct customers, the company is issuing a nationwide recall.”

Internal testing at the packaging company in California discovered traces of the bacteria. So far, no illnesses have been reported. Since the testing revealed the contamination, Wawona has cleaned and retrofitted the packaging line. Daily testing since has been negative for Listeria.

What do you do if you have fruit packaged in the recall window? Throw it away immediately. Listeriosis cause fever, headaches, nausea and vomiting, Treatment for the disease is antibiotics, but it can affect people with weaker immune systems to a great extent.

If you are a shopper at the above-mentioned retailers, make sure you check your fridge for any of the products. Questions regarding the recall can be directed to Wawona Packaging at 1-888-232-9912. The company’s website is also set up to answer consumer questions regarding its nationwide recall.


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