You have to love the name. Live Comfy. I know it’s a travel jacket, but if I’m going to live comfy, I might – ok definitely – be wearing it on the couch while binging Netflix.

Live Comfy is the latest Kickstarter project to tackle fashion from a tech perspective. Unlike others in the vertical, Live Comfy’s take on the travel jacket integrates air chambers to correct your posture after sitting in the airport lounge for hours on end.

Its air chambers quickly fill in the hood, contouring to your head. The design is meant to relieve pressure points that develop and provide even weight distribution. To me, it sounds like they just offered a pillow controlled by my phone.

live comfy jacket app

Find a quiet spot and nap away while your airline feigns competency at operating the ticket system. Then comfortably settle in at 30,000 feet.

Inside the jacket is a smart pump that operates silently. You don’t have to worry about odd looks when you switch it on. It’s quiet and adds zero bulk to the jacket. When you wash the travel jacket, just pop the pump out.

If you keep your Bluetooth on, which most do, you can control the pump via its companion app.

Don’t need the pump? It doubles as a portable charger for your phone. It has an audio jack and USB port built in. No one wants to babysit an electrical outlet in an airport terminal.

Live Comfy Specs

Nearly every size is available to men and women, along with three colors. Charcoal grey and light grey are available for both genders. Navy blue is the third color for men and light blue for women.

What about fit? Think fitted. It won’t feel like you just put on a parachute with a hood. It has tapered seams to keep the jacket stylish. Pockets are everywhere for you to store your collection of Apple gear.

live comfy ravel jacket features

Pricing starts at $99 as an early bird special. There’s about 15 left at that price before it heads to $149.

Delivery is set for December 2015. It would come in handy for Christmas.

One avenue I’d love to see the company take is an option to remove the Live Comfy branding from the chest pocket area. Put it on the inside or less conspicuous. And give me the option for a black jacket.

Definitely check out the company’s Kickstarter campaign. Three college grads trying to make their mark? The jacket was already raiding my debit card. Their story makes it compelling.

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