Have problems connecting to Twitch last night? They were the latest target of a DDOS attack from Lizard Squad, the group responsible for attacks against Playstation Network, Xbox Live, League of Legends and Battle.net.

The group received the attention of the FBI after tweeting out a bomb threat that grounded a flight with a Sony exec onboard.

It looks like the FBI still hasn’t caught any members of the group yet.

Yesterday’s attack on Twitch came a day after the streaming platform was bought by Amazon. Was that the reason behind the attack? Maybe, or maybe Lizard Squad was just bored. Twitch remained down for several hours last night during the attack. Today, Twitch is back up and running.

As for Lizard Squad, not much is known about the individual or group behind the attacks. We know DDOS is their favorite method of attack. Basically, they overload servers with artificial traffic. They’ve tweeted about 9/11 and ISIS on multiple occasions. If that didn’t get the attention of authorities, the tweet about explosives on a United flight with a Sony exec onboard surely did.

How easily they get caught depends on where they live. If they live abroad, tracking them down may be a bit more difficult.

The group has pretty much hit the gambit of big gaming companies.

Also, your personal information is not being taken during DDOS attacks. These attacks are solely for taking down servers, not breaching them. We’ll keep you updated if any more gaming services get hit.


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