Looking for ideas for your next sound system? Lockheed has it covered. What you’re looking at is the Lockheed-Martin Waterton Reverberant Acoustic Lab.

lockheed sound system

Those stacks of speakers? The roar generates 150 decibels. For a comparison, that’s the equivalent of gunshot right next to your ear or standing within thirty meters of a jet pushing its throttles to their stops.

It’s loud.

What Lockheed will have us believe is that the sound system will never be used to play actual music. Right, because the engineers aren’t sitting around Friday afternoon waiting for the boss to leave. Be real.

Lockheed-Martin Waterton Reverberant Acoustic Lab

The purpose of the system is to test the Orion spacecraft in simulations of what it will experience during launches. The best part is that it’s completely portable. Truck the speakers where they are needed and test spacecraft onsite.

Or, put on one hell of a show.

You know it’s been done. No one puts this many speakers together and not sync their Spotify playlist to it. Say what you want Lockheed, we know the truth is out there.

orion acoustic testing in Lockheed-Martin Waterton Reverberant Acoustic Lab

Now the question is how do I fit it in my car? Where is Xzibit when you need him?

Sound off on what song you would play first. Please, don’t say Freebird.

Image credits: Dusty Volkel / Lockheed Martin

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