Damn. This is the last time we’ll see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Logan puts one hell of an endcap on the character that is Hugh Jackman. Please, no reboots with a different actor as Wolverine. The trailer is perfect with the inclusion of Johnny Cash singing Hurt. Yes, it’s a Nine Inch Nails song, but Cash’s version fits the Old Man Logan vibe.

If you’ve played the hit game Last of Us, you seriously get the same feeling. Hell, Hugh Jackman could keep the scruffy look and instantly have the role.

Hugh Jackman as Joel last of us

That’s damn uncanny in the resemblance. Will it happen? Probably not, but we can hope.

Logan is Rated R

Fresh off the success of Deadpool, Logan was instantly pushed towards an R-rating. The stateside trailer doesn’t show off why, but the international trailer is more than happy to remind us we are getting a grittier Wolverine:

logan international trailer

That’s the only additional scene in the international trailer. The rest if a copy from the stateside version we’ve all watched a few times.

No plot details, but the girl that Professor X shows up with looks a lot like X-23, a female clone of Logan’s. She is also the current star of Marvel’s Wolverine comic series. The resemblance is just a bit too close for this not to have ‘passing of the torch’ story.

The film is supposed to be based loosely on the Old Man Logan series. I say loosely because Marvel owns a majority of those characters and not 20th Century Fox. Those expecting a direct adaptation should check those expectations at the ticket counter. Still, the film is in good hands with Michael Green as lead writer.

He’s writing the Blade Runner reboot, Alien: Covenant and is the showrunner for American Gods. The guy has a full plate. His co-writer on Logan is handling a Daredevil theatrical reboot. That shouldn’t be hard. Toss everything from the Ben Affleck film, borrow bits from Netflix and run with it.

Logan’s Swan Song

Movies with Wolverine in them may not have the greatest fan reputation, but I love seeing Hugh Jackman as the iconic superhero. We may never see the classic yellow suit, but the trailer for Logan looks promising. And Fox nailed it with the music.

The film hits theaters on March 3, 2017. Currently, the slot is pretty free for Logan to notch serious box office numbers. It’s a week before Kong: Skull Island. Time to send our favorite X-Men character out on top.

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