Here’s an idea which needs to be incorporated into all hotels. Invisible service. Instead of the traditional front desk, Lokal Hotel offers guests automated codes for its apartment-style suites. In-room iPads allow immediate access to the amenities like food.

What is invisible service? The concept of “Invisible Service” came not only from a necessity to make a tiny hotel function but to enable guests to visit with just the right amount of interaction from us. Everything they need is loaded into their rooms just like at home, and we are a call or text away if they need additional service.

You tap a screen, and the staff immediately appears. For those not technology-inclined, the hotel still offers the traditional method of checking in with an actual person. But embrace the tech.

lokal hotel kitchen

It’s a nice contrast with how each room is furnished. 21st century with mid-century furnishings. Each of the six suites has a full kitchen and two (Tina and Betsy) have clawfoot tubs to match the building’s industrial roots.

Pair the decor with a 52-inch flat screen – described as big, but not obnoxiously big. Thank Ethan Peck, Lokal’s marketing manager for understanding there is such a thing as too big on televisions.

Keeping the technology rolling is an Apple TV, Sonos Playbar, Spotify and high-speed internet.

Room service? There’s an app for that. Each iPad is synced with Caviar – an app for delivery from local restaurants. Forgot the essentials? GoPuff delivers both alcohol and other assorted sundries in under 30 minutes. Instacart handles grocery delivery, and Coral is Lokal’s own guide app for the City of Brotherly Love.

lokal hotel living room

A non-technology touch is the leather-bound room manual. It’s organized by walking distance or ‘best in the city.’ An absurd amount of food choices along with culture spots, adventure ideas, shopping, and bars. Yeah, the Rocky steps. You can claim you won’t run up them, but you’re lying to yourself.

Lokal Rooms

Six types to choose from starting at $215 per night and damn right Lokal named each one.

Billy is a one bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor of their historical walk-up building. He contains one queen bed open to the living area and faces the front of the building looking over the 3rd St shops.

Betsy is Lokal’s only two bedroom family apartment on the second floor of their historical walk-up.

Will is a one bedroom flat on the 3rd floor of our historic walk-up building.

Tina is a two bedroom flat on the 3rd floor of their historic walk-up building. She contains one private bedroom and one open to the living area.

Ben is a one bedroom unit on the fourth floor of their historic walk-up building.

Louisa is a two bedroom flat on the 4th floor of our historic walk-up. She contains one private bedroom (a queen bed) and one open to the living area (a king bed).

The booking calendar looks relatively clear while Lokal enjoys its grand opening on April 1st, but expect it to be an in-demand property. Its location in Old City guarantees it will constantly be booked.

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