The church in Kenmont Gardens of North Kensington London used to be a house of worship. Today? You’ll still be on your knees, but not in prayer. It’ll be the price tag of the London church conversion knocking you down. $15.5 million. Where is George Soros when you need him to short the British Pound?

On the outside, you would think your everyday corner church. Sure, nice building, but nothing to go nuts over. Here is what an average passersby will see walking or driving past the home.

exterior london church conversion

Not exactly anything to go wild over. It’s a church. I live in Alabama. The Bible Belt has perfected the art of mega-churches. It is when you go inside the $15.5 million price tag starts to make sense. As much as $15.5 million will ever make sense for a house.

You get a 4-bedroom, 6167 sq ft piece of heaven. The original full height sanctuary is kept and converted into main living, dining and entertaining areas. The kitchen is also on this floor, featuring an open design and enough branded appliances and custom work to make even the biggest cooking snob blush.

One bedroom is located on the main floor, with three additional bedrooms on two separate floors. For $15.5 million, you’re damn right each has a private bath. For that price, someone should lift me out of bed and carry me to the bath. Something tells me there’s already a service that does that.

Other features include heated parquet floors. What is parquet flooring? It is the use of parquetry to create a geometric mosaic in wood flooring. Basically, it looks cool. And the heated feature means you can ditch the socks during the cold London mornings.

Additional amenities include a fully equipped home gym, wrought iron accents everywhere, Lutron lighting electronic Velux windows and private patio complete with a waterfall. Why a waterfall? For the price, I guess the question should be why not?

Luckily, many of the church’s original features have been kept. The full ceiling heights, stained glass windows and the carving of St. Jude Pray For Us. It’s a nice touch that pairs well with the modern design.

Below are just a handful of the images from the listing at Foxtons. Even if I had the money, $15.5 million is just one of those literal ‘holy shit’ asking prices.

It is amazing to see a church to home conversion. The fusion of old architecture with modern interiors always wins.

Church Conversion Main Living Areas

kitchen design london church conversion

living areas london church conversion

living room london church conversion

london church conversion kitchen


london church conversion bedroom

bedroom london church conversion

bathrooms london church conversion

bathroom design london church conversion

Retaining the Church’s Original Character

london church conversion stained glass

london church conversion original features

stained glass windows london church conversion

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