I was almost hyped beyond for London Has Fallen. Then the end with Marine One going down. That CGI looks like the line in the beginning. Bourbon and bad choices.

Don’t show that at the end. If you have to put it in, throw it in the middle among all the other explosions.

Stripping that out, London Has Fallen looks like a fun ride. Will it win any awards? Nah, it’s pure popcorn. We can enjoy a popcorn movie without everyone raging about the plot. It’s meant to entertain. If you’re looking for deeper meaning, you walked into the wrong theater.

What is clear is Nu Image and Millennium Films liked the profit margins from Olympus Has Fallen and upped the budget for explosions. Take a look at the non-stop ride:

Basic premise? The British Prime Minister has just died under mysterious circumstances turning the London funeral into a must-attend event for western leaders. Of course, you have the voiceover saying it is the most protected event in history.

In Hollywood, that’s code for half the city is about to be torn to shreds. In reality? The TSA looks bored, and the local police get to walk around with assault rifles. Fun times for all.

london has fallen with Gerard Butler

The plot is a terror leader wants the President, or he will unleash destruction on the major cities of the world. Easy there. I want to see the movie, but don’t set this up for Tokyo Has Fallen, etc. Don’t CSI the franchise.

London Has Fallen Cast

If they lived through the first film, they are back. Gerard Butler as the John McClane-esque Secret Service agent. Aaron Eckhart as the President that can’t seem to avoid capture. Angela Bassett still has her job as the Director of the Secret Service.

And Morgan Freeman. He gets an upgrade as the new Vice President.

New casting includes Charlotte Riley as a British MI6 agent. Recognize the name? She played alongside Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow.

London Has Fallen releases March 4, 2016. Not an entirely clear window, but it’s away from any big releases after its target demo. Deadpool will be nearly a month old, and Batman v Superman is three weeks later.

What do you think of the trailer? I was happily surprised by the first, but the sequel has me concerned it could go the route of Taken. Great first movie and then the quality fell off a cliff.


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